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Planning Applications
Last year the Parish Council was consulted on 13 planning applications. 
The Hambleton District Council planning officer dealing with an application will always post a notice near the site of a planning application to let members of the public know that an application for development has been submitted. 

Hambleton District Council maintains an online register of planning applications known as the 'Public Access' system. 
You can search for all planning applications in this area by entering 'East Tanfield' or 'West Tanfield' in the parish search criteria box. 

Local Plan

In 2013 the Council began work on a partial Plan review (Local Plan Focused Review). Scoping workshops were held in July and August 2013 with Council Members, Parish Councils, Developers and Local Interest Groups. A Cabinet report in October 2013 agreed the scope of the review. Evidence base work was commissioned and published on Affordable Housing Viability, Objectively Assessed Housing Need, Economic Development, Employment Land Review and Retail and Town Centre Uses. Further Member workshops were held between June and September 2014.On 16 September 2014 Council agreed to proceed with a full Plan Review. It was agreed that the work commenced so far on the partial Plan review will be progressed to provide interim guidance to be used alongside the adopted LDF. A further report was presented to Council on 17 March 2015 to agree the scope and resources for the New Local Plan. This report was agreed and referred to the Hambleton District Council meeting on 7 April 2015.

Information about the Local Plan and other aspects of Hambleton District Council's planning policy can be found on its website.

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