Planning and Development

"Planning ensures that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefitting communities and the economy. It plays a critical role in identifying what development is needed and where, what areas need to be protected or enhanced and in assessing whether proposed development is suitable." [DeFRA - Plain English Guide to the Planning System]

Planning is a complex subject. To get an overview of the planning system why not read DeFRA's new Plain English Guide to the Planning System? The 20 page booklet explains how the planning system in England works; it is intended to give an overview only and does not set out new planning policy or guidance. It is available by following this link.

In this area there are two local authorities who have responsibility for planning and development. Hambleton District Council is responsible for most planning matters, other than transport and minerals and waste planning which are functions of North Yorkshire County Council.
Each authority prepares a Local Plan which provides strategic guidance about when and where development may take place. 
Planning applications are then submitted by developers which are decided in accordance with the policies in the relevant Local Plan. 

The preparation of a Local Plan is conducted in stages. The Parish Council, along with other authorities and interested bodies and members of the public, is consulted on most stages. These consultations are considered at Parish Council meetings which are open to the public. 

The Parish Council is also consulted on all planning applications submitted to both Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County Council. It is important to note that the Parish Council does not determine applications (it does not give planning permission) - it is just a consultee. Applications are considered at Parish Council meetings. This is why there is a meeting scheduled every month on the Council's calendar. Interim planning meetings are only held if there are new planning applications, or other urgent business, to consider. 

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