Schedule of Meetings 

Meetings usually start at 7pm and are held in West Tanfield Memorial Hall. 
The agenda for each meeting is displayed in the 'Documents' section (via the left side of this page) and on the noticeboards in West Tanfield, Nosterfield and Thornborough at least three clear days before and should be checked for any changes to the date, time and venue. 

The Parish Council meets four times a year for 'ordinary' meetings when a full agenda of business is considered. These meetings are usually held on a Wednesday in January, April, July and October. 
'Planning' meetings are also usually held on a Wednesday of other months. These meetings are only held if there are new planning applications or other urgent items of business to consider.
If no agenda is displayed then no meeting will be held. 

There are two 'Annual Meetings' in May.
The first is not a council meeting but is the Annual Parish Meeting. This is a meeting of the electors of the parish and offers an opportunity to come together and find out what has been happening during the past year.  C
ommunity Groups are invited to submit reports on their activities. The Meeting in 2020 has been cancelled due to the Covid - 19 Virus.  The letter below has been sent to organisations in the Parish.

Annual Parish Meeting 2020 Letter.pdf

The second is a council meeting -  the Annual Parish Council Meeting which is the AGM of the Parish Council. This is a formal meeting to deal with procedural matters such as appointing a Chairman for the forthcoming year and approving the council accounts. The AGM for 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid - 19.  The appointments made and outlined in the minutes of the AGM held in 2019 will continue till May 2021.

The full schedule of meetings in 2020 can be viewed here: 

 2020 Schedule of Meetings.doc

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