Tanfield Parish Council is a small, rural, local authority funded largely by public money, and is responsible for ensuring that its business is conducted in accordance with the law and proper standards, and that public money is safeguarded and properly accounted for, and used economically, efficiently and effectively. 

The Council has appointed a Clerk to the Council who acts as the Council's advisor and administrator. The Clerk is also the Council's Responsible Financial Officer and is responsible for administering the Council's finances. 

Tanfield Parish has a combined population in the region of 500 people and the precept for 2015/16 was set at £7,688. The precept is the Council's main source of income - money collected for it by Hambleton District Council through the council tax system. 

The Parish Council is responsible for the children's play areas in West Tanfield, Nosterfield and Thornborough and also undertakes grasscutting duties in West Tanfield, Thornborough and Nosterfield, and contracts a caretaker to carry out maintenance tasks in the parish. 

The Parish Council's financial year runs from 1st April - 31st March. 

At one of its winter meetings each year the Parish Council reviews its obligations and objectives and approves a budget for the following year. That meeting also approves the level of precept for the following year. 
The budget for the current financial year can viewed via the tab on the left of this page. 

At the Annual Parish Council meeting, held in May, the Parish Council considers and approves the accounts for the previous financial period. The accounts are made up of a list of all the payments which were made, a list of all monies received and a bank reconciliation. 
The accounts for the last financial year can also be viewed via the tab on the left of this page. 
Older financial information can be found in the 'archives' section. 

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