The Parish Council is made up of five Councillors; one serving the East Tanfield ward, the others representing the West Tanfield ward. 
West Tanfield
Peter Hull (Chairman)
Steven (Steve) Houston    
David Parkinson (Vice-Chairman)    
There is currently a vacancy for a Councillor in the West Tanfield ward. See 'News' page for more information.     
East Tanfield 
Christopher (Chris) Pennock    

Councillors' full information is given in the document below, but please note that the Council's main contact is the Clerk, or via the form on the 'Contact Us' page of this website.
List of Councillors - October 2013 PUBLIC.pdf

Councillors are required to register any interests that they have in the parish - for example land or property that they own. These registers are kept and maintained by Hambleton District Council, but can be viewed using the link below:

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